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Job offer – tick.  Visa – tick.  Flights – tick.  Your life down under awaits but whilst the plane will take the strain to transport you and your family across the other side of the world, your possessions will need expert handling.  Notching up almost 35 years in the business, Anglo Pacific World Movers is the name to look out for when it comes to shipping the contents of your house, and your garage, overseas.

International Removals

Anglo Pacific is acknowledged as the UK market leader for shipping household effects to Australia and New Zealand.  They’re also a ‘significant shipper’ to the USA, Canada, South Africa, South East Asia and other major routes worldwide.  In fact Anglo Pacific has relocated more than half a million households over the last 35 years – quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss.  But just because Anglo Pacific is ‘big’ doesn’t mean that they’re not personal.

Noel Glavin, International Migration Manager for Anglo Pacific explains, “We go out of our way to focus on the individual, the finer detail, and care very much that your possessions are delivered on time and in perfect condition.  Returning nationals, expats, migrants and employees on corporate secondment come to us through word of mouth recommendation and many come back for repeat business.  Clearly we’re getting it right.”

“Perhaps our greatest quality is our beginning to end service.  Our packers, trained to the British Association of Removers Export Packing Skills, will delicately and diligently wrap everything from dainty glassware to cumbersome sofas and do it all on-site at your home so you can witness our unrivalled care and attention.  Our team will then collect, transport by sea or air to suit timeframes and budgets, arrange customs and importation paperwork and deliver to your final destination.  Of course we’ll then unwrap the items and remove all unwanted packing materials and waste so you can get on with the important task of enjoying your new surroundings.”

Need more reassurance?  Anglo Pacific is a fully bonded member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and other major bodies that govern the international removals industry.

Car Shipping

Classic or conve

rtible, motorbike or scooter, caravan or boat, whatever your chosen mode of transport you won’t want to leave your precious cargo behind when you relocate and with Anglo Pacific you don’t need to.  Each year they handle thousands of individual shipments and work to internationally recognized quality standards to ensure that your wheels (or craft) arrive in tiptop condition.

Much more than just transporting from A to B, Anglo Pacific’s car shipping service is a meticulous and thorough process.    If you’re also sending household goods they can cosy them up in the same container by fixing up a timber frame in front of the car with the remaining space filled available for your belongings.  This way, everything conveniently arrives at the same time.  Storage is also an optional extra so that your shipment can be deferred to coincide with your arrival date.

An unexpected bonus of car shipping with Anglo Pacific is the ability to stow personal effects in the luggage compartment free of charge – just make sure it’s all packed in cartons or suitcases.

Anglo Pacific knows that you’ll want to keep a close eye on the progress of your delivery and as such have a unique car shipping tracking system.  The location, status and contact details of the relevant local representative are at your fingertips.

Anglo Pacific has all the know-how to clear the formalities at customs, conduct the necessary port admin and advise you of any additional fees that will be levied by the various government departments.  And, as fully bonded members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) you have full financial protection for your shipping costs.

For removals enquiries contact Anglo Pacific on 020 8838 8493 or email

About the author of this blog entry:

Noel Glavin is the International Migration Manager of Anglo Pacific, offering worldwide moving services.



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