Australia looking to offer safe haven for Hong Kong residents

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said Australia is “prepared to step up and provide support” to Hong Kong Residents who wish to come to Australia.

Whilst details of the program have yet to be finalised, it is seen as lifeline for many Hong Kong residents after China has decided to push ahead with new security laws.

It is hoped that this new visa program will enable residents in Hong Kong to either apply immediately for or have a pathway to permanent residency.

The Prime Minister’s announcement comes after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would offer people who would be eligible a pathway to citizenship, which will allow them to settle in the United Kingdom.

We have fielded numerous enquiries from Hong Kong residents and businesses in the last six months as many people are becoming increasingly concerned of the influence that China will exert over the so called, “one country, two systems” governance of Hong Kong.

The apprehension and anxiety to residents in Hong Kong about their future is reminiscent of what happened in 1997 when rule in Hong Kong was handed back by the British to China.

At FC Lawyers leading up to the 1997 handover, we assisted many clients with their immigration needs and will be ready to do so again.

If you have any questions or if you would like to register with us to get updates regarding Australia’s policy, please contact our team of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers.

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