Australian Immigration Book – An invaluable resource for all migrants

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has released a new ‘Australian Immigration Book’. This book is a highly recommended resource for anyone considering moving to Australia. It is packed with useful information and invaluable contacts that could assist anyone considering migrating to Australia.

The following list provides a snapshot of some of the content in the latest edition of the book:

  • Useful information about why people should choose to migrate to Australia;
  • Information about our Government and the importance of democracy;
  • Australia’s history;
  • Opportunities to migrate to regional Australia;
  • Things that attract migrations to different the States and Territories;
  • Business and Employment opportunities;
  • Investment communications and finance;
  • The Australian lifestyle;
  • Opportunities for families;
  • The process involved to migrate to Australia; and
  • How to choose a Migration Agent.

The book also contains contact details for a number of professional bodies such as Migration Agents, Migration Lawyers, Banks and Insurance Agencies. These professional agencies have been selected to provide potential migrants with a set of highly regarded contacts to help make their move to Australia run as smoothly as possible. FC Lawyers features as one of Australia’s leading Immigration law specialists.

You can access a copy of the book online.

If you would like advice on what visa is best suitable to your unique circumstances, help with preparing your visa application or with appeal a negative decision please do not hesitate to contact FC Lawyers Migration Team.

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