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NOICC visa cancelled cancellation immigration lawyers registered migration agents australia Visa cancelled due to incorrect information given or provided to the Department of Home Affairs It is a requirement that a visa applicant must fill in or complete his or her application form in a manner that all questions are answered, and no incorre... Read more family violence partner visa australia migration lawyer immigration agents queensland solicitors Partner Visa and Family Violence In Australia, family and domestic violence is not acceptable. The Australian government including the Department of Home Affairs does not tolerate domesti... Read more partner visa married marriage divorce divorced australian migration immigration spouse de facto Can I apply for Partner visa if I’m still married and I cannot get a divorce? In my experience of practising migration law, I have been approached by clients who would like to apply for Partner visa but they are still legally marrie... Read more uber driver taxi worker australian migration student visa immigration lawyers registered agents brisbane sydney melbourne Working as Uber or Taxi Driver while holding a Student Visa? As a general rule, international students cannot work for more than 40 hours per fortnight during the school semester. This rule is explained under Condit... Read more health requirement permanent visa family members medical examination immigration lawyers migration agents australia What is the health requirement for a permanent visa? As part of the permanent visa application process, you and your dependent family members will be required to undertake health examinations and meet the he... Read more two new regional provisional visas skilled visa sposnored workers employees migration australia Two new regional provisional visas introduced The Federal Government announced that two regional provisional visas will be introduced in November 2019 to assist regional areas in securing skilled work... Read more temporary sponsored parent visa subclass 870 australian migration agents brisbane queensland sydney melbourne New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa It has been announced today that the new five-year sponsored parent visa, the Parent (Temporary) (870) visa, will be open for applications from 17 April 2... Read more sponsor temporary overseas worker skilled employer How does my business employ an overseas worker on a temporary basis? This is the first in a series of news updates from Visa Australia on the requirements for employing an overseas worker from a business perspective. If you ... Read more skilling australia fund business employer sponsored visa australian employment immigration agents migration lawyers Skilling Australians Fund Visa Australia have received further information this morning on the implementation of the Skilling Australians Fund (SAF). The associated Bills have been ... Read more