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bridging visas australia changes migration agents sydney immigration lawyers brisbane queensland nsw Changes to conditions for discretionary bridging visas The Government has introduced changes to conditions for discretionary bridging visas from the 16 April 2021. The explanatory memorandum supporting Legisla... Read more australian citizenship new zealand citizens migration agent brisbane sydney immigration lawyers qld nsw New Zealand citizens becoming Australian citizens post COVID-19 Australia and New Zealand have a long history of having free flow of people between the two countries. In fact, when the Commonwealth of Australia Constit... Read more character tests cancellation visa revocating australian visa migration agents brisbane sydney Australia strengthens the character test relating to the revocation or cancellation of visas From the 15 April 2021, the Australian Government will introduce stronger measures surrounding character tests for non-citizens applying for a visa to ent... Read more australian government australia visa concessions immigration lawyers migration agents queensland sydney melbourne Concessions for Australian Visa applications during COVID-19 The Australian Government has announced important concessions in relation to people applying for a range of visas during the pandemic. However due to COVI... Read more leave Australia travel exemption australian citizen permanent resident migration agent brisbane sydney immigration lawyer In what circumstances can an Australian citizen or permanent resident leave Australia? The Australian government is encouraging Australians not to travel overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic. These measures are in place to protect our commu... Read more family domestic voilence abuse partner visa australian migration immigration lawyers Family and Domestic Violence and your Australian Visa The Australian Government and the Department of Home Affairs (Department) has taken a very strong stance in relation to issues surrounding family and dome... Read more health waivers medical exams australian immigration lawyers registered migration agents Health Waivers – Australian Visas In these distressing times with the global pandemic health satisfying Australia’s health requirements for visas can cause considerable stress to applica... Read more family covid pandemic coronavirus australia travel exemption spouse de facto partner immigration lawyers migration agents Travel exemptions for partners and family members during COVID-19 Australia currently has very tight restrictions in relation to entering the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are not an Australian citizen or ... Read more de facto partner visa australian immigration lawyers registered migration agents brisbane De facto for the purpose of getting a partner visa to Australia One of the questions we are asked most often is “do I qualify as a de facto to get a partner visa to Australia?” Firstly, you must have a sponsor who ... Read more entrepreneur visas australian immigration lawyers registered migration agents brisbane queensland Entrepreneur visas for Australia Australia’s government is seeking entrepreneurs to settle in Australia especially as the economy is being rebuilt as the global economy and the Australi... Read more