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Family, Spouse & Partner Visas

family domestic voilence abuse partner visa australian migration immigration lawyers Family and Domestic Violence and your Australian Visa The Australian Government and the Department of Home Affairs (Department) has taken a very strong stance in relation to issues surrounding family and dome... Read more de facto partner visa australian immigration lawyers registered migration agents brisbane De facto for the purpose of getting a partner visa to Australia One of the questions we are asked most often is “do I qualify as a de facto to get a partner visa to Australia?” Firstly, you must have a sponsor who ... Read more partner visas refusal sponsorship sponsors obligations migration australia spouse couples Partner visas – the sponsors obligations and limitations on the ability to sponsor Regulations 1.20J, 1.20KA, 1.20KB and 1.20KC There are certain circumstances where an Australian citizen or permanent resident who wants to sponsor their ... Read more partner visa spouse de facto relationship immigration lawyers migration solicitors australia brisbane sydney melbourne Australian partner visas in a pandemic COVID-19 world Whilst Australia has managed the COVID-19 pandemic much better than many other countries, it has been a tough period for many couples. Border closures, lo... Read more family violence partner visa australia migration lawyer immigration agents queensland solicitors Partner Visa and Family Violence In Australia, family and domestic violence is not acceptable. The Australian government including the Department of Home Affairs does not tolerate domesti... Read more partner visa married marriage divorce divorced australian migration immigration spouse de facto Can I apply for Partner visa if I’m still married and I cannot get a divorce? In my experience of practising migration law, I have been approached by clients who would like to apply for Partner visa but they are still legally marrie... Read more relationship break down partners spouse divorce split up break up migration australia Is it possible to stay in Australia if my relationship with my partner or spouse breaks down? If your relationship breaks down there are several things you must do: Tell the Department of Home Affairs (‘Department’). You must always keep the... Read more temporary sponsored parent visa subclass 870 australian migration agents brisbane queensland sydney melbourne New Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa It has been announced today that the new five-year sponsored parent visa, the Parent (Temporary) (870) visa, will be open for applications from 17 April 2... Read more Contributory Parent Visa Aged Parent Visas Family Registered Migration Agents Brisbane Australia Lawyers Sponsoring a Parent to Australia – The Contributory Parent Route Currently the waiting list to sponsor a parent is more than 30 years. However, there is a shorter route and that is if you pay a Contribution. There are... Read more De Facto Relationship Couple Married Australian Migration Agents Immigration Lawyers Brisbane Melbourne Sydney Partner visa De facto Partner Visas – How do we prove it? One of the most common questions that people ask me is; How do we prove we are in a de facto relationship? Whether you apply onshore or offshore for a p... Read more