Expression of interest (EOI) for Australian visa applicants

We are often asked what is an expression of interest (EOI) or why do I have to submit one by an applicant who is applying for certain visa classes.

What is an expression of interest?

An EOI is required for certain classes of visas such as:

  • Business Innovation and Investment visas
  • Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) visas
  • State and Territory nominated visas

A State or Territory government or Austrade will identify and select skilled business people or investors they might want to nominate.

If you are nominated by a state or territory government, or by Austrade, you will receive an invitation to apply from the SkillSelect system.

For visa streams that require a specific pass mark, you can only lodge an EOI if your points score is at a minimum equal to the pass mark.

When lodging your EOI you will be requested to advise which State or Territory you wish to seek a nomination from.

It will be up to you to discuss this with that State or Territory.

The Australian government sets quotas for these visas which require an EOI to be lodged to obtain a nomination.

Applicants with the highest points score due to having more work experience, better English scores and higher qualifications will have the best chance of receiving an invitation.

What do I need to include in an EOI?

The EOI can be accessed at SkillSelect:

You will be provided with a unique log in code to use personally.

All EOI’s must be lodged online and there is no fee to do so.

It is important to remember that an EOI is not a visa application it is a preliminary step to be satisfied before you can apply for a visa.

You will be required to include the following personal information:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • country of birth
  • gender
  • passport and citizenship details
  • place of residency
  • relationship status

You will then be required to choose the class and type of visa you wish to apply for.

Depending on the visa you will be required to prove your English language skills and provide evidence of English language test results.

You will be required to provide a skills assessment relating to your occupation and that will include the following information:

  • the name of your nominated occupation
  • the name of the assessing authority
  • the date of your completed skills assessment
  • the reference number provided by the assessing authority

It will be also important to outline your employment history for the last 10 years including the following:

  • position title
  • employer name
  • country
  • start date and end date of employment
  • if the position is related to your nominated occupation
  • if you are claiming points for the position

What happens once I lodge my expression of interest?

If your EOI is accepted you will receive an invitation from SkillSelect.

Once you receive that invitation you will have 60 days to lodge a valid visa application.

This is a very strict time limit and if you fail to do so the invitation will lapse.

If you are applying for a skilled visa the invitation rounds are offered quarterly and information will be published showing the relevant point scores that invitations were considered at.

How long does my expression of interest last for?

Your EOI is kept in SkillSelect for a period of 2 years.

During that time, you can update your information if you have gained new work experience, a higher qualification, improved your English language ability or your family make up has changed.

Your EOI will be removed from Skillselect:

  • if you receive 2 invitations and you don’t lodge a visa application in response to either of these invitations, or
  • if you receive an invitation to lodge a visa application for a permanent or provisional visa and are subsequently granted that visa.

How can FC Lawyers help?

At FC Lawyers our expert team of accredited specialists and migration professionals has assisted clients from all over the world in applying for EOIs for the various visa classes.

We can assist with your skills assessment, English language testing and choosing the right visa for the right State or Territory.

It is important to get the best legal advice to maximise your chances of obtaining your visa.

Contact our team today to discuss your expression of interest for Australian visas or if we can assist you with any other migration issues.

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