Migrants are not taking Australian’s jobs

A great article in the Australian newspaper today dispels the myth that skilled migrants are taking Australian jobs.
One of Australia’s leading demographers Professor Peter McDonald from Melbourne University who is presenting later this week at ‘The Australian Economic and Social Outlook’ conference will tell attendees that without migration there would have been no increase of workers younger than 55 over the last five years.

Between 2011 and 2016 employment grew by 730,000, of which migrants made up 600,00 of that number. The migrants were predominantly in their twenties.

Professor McDonald points out that, “Older and younger workers most of the time are not substitutes, they’re complements”.

He also says that migrants are not taking the jobs of the unemployed. The main issue with unemployment is those who have been without a job for an extended period. Migrants are not in the same job market as those who don’t have jobs.

Currently Australia’s immigration intake is around 200,000, whilst significantly less than the 315,000 during the mining boom it is still subject to a significant political debate as to what should be the correct level of migration.
Regional Australia has benefited greatly from skilled migration and without those migrants, many essential services could not be provided to regional populations.

Australia has and continues to benefit greatly from skilled migration. Currently 1 in 4 Australian were born overseas. This has led to a highly skilled diverse workforce that has and will continue to keep Australia at the leading edge of innovation and able to compete globally.

Glenn Ferguson has acted for a range of nationalities and skill sets who have come to Australia. They have contributed in a very positive manner to our workforce with their skills and have become well respected members of their communities.

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