Occupations Removed for General Skilled Migration Visas

State and Territory Governments have been advised that they will no longer be able to nominate the occupations listed below for General Skilled Migration points tested visas. This includes subclasses 190 and 489.

These occupations are:

  • Chemical and Materials Engineers; [ANZSCO Group 2331]
  • ICT Business  and Systems Analysts; [ANZSCO Group 2611]
  • Electronics Engineers: [ANZSCO Group 2334]
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals; [ANZSCO Group 2633]
  • Other Engineering Professional [ANZSCO Group 2339]
  • Software and Applications Programmers. [ANZSCO Group 2613]

These occupations have not been removed from the list; however, the Department has reached its allowed quota for nominations in the above occupations. If you still wish to apply for a GSM visa for one of the occupations please be aware that you will not receive an invitation to continue your application for at least a year.

As a result of this change, the ACT is now not able to confirm any nominations for the above 6 occupations on SkillSelect and will not be accepting any further applications for nominations. The NSW Government is seeking further clarification from DIAC as to how this will affect your nomination if it has already been lodged and is being assessed. If you are in NSW and have lodged a nomination for one of the 6 occupations listed above, the Government is advising that you do not withdraw your application without further information at this stage.

If you have any questions in relation to this change or have concerns because you have already lodged a nomination for one of the 6 occupations, please contact a member of our migration team.

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