Fraudulent visa immigration permanent residency scam

Earlier this year nearly 90 migrants paid thousands of dollars each in order to obtain Australian permanent residency through the scheme offered by a Melbourne-based cleaning company, Clinica Internationale Pty Ltd.

The Federal Court has ordered employment and training firm Clinica Internationale Pty Ltd. and its sole shareholder Radovan Laski to pay $1.025 million in repayment and penalties to nearly 90 migrants, who were promised permanent residency. Clinica offered newly arrived migrants in Australia training and sponsored employment in the cleaning industry under a program which it claimed would lead to Australian permanent residency. Approximately 90 migrants paid fees totalling more than $760,000 to participate in the program, with many paying in excess of $10,000 each.
The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) alleges Clinica asked migrants to pay significant sums of money on a misleading promise that they would be provided with sponsors and regional jobs which would lead to permanent residency in Australia. However, the ACCC says Clinica did not have any such jobs available, and if there were cleaning jobs available, they would not have met the requirements for permanent residency under the relevant visa.

The court condemned the way Clinica and Mr. Laski preyed on the dreams of vulnerable migrants that were hoping to become Australian permanent residents.

What were the consequences for the permanent residency visa fraud?

Since the discovery of the visa fraud and dishonesty, the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission has released two media releases that explain the issues and consequences for Radovan Laski. The media releases can be found here:

The various visa fraud issues here highlight the significant importance of doing your research when choosing a registered migration agent to help you through the Australian visa application process.

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