Good News for the Significant Investor Visa Program

In an attempt to reboot the significant investor stream, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced new flexible options for applicants looking to invest in Australia through eligible managed funds.

What is a significant investor visa?

This visa plays an important role in Australia by stimulating our economy and creating jobs for Australians and small businesses. It was introduced to allow migrants who are willing to invest at least $5 million in a complying investment in Australia over a minimum four year period.

How do I apply?

As a visa applicant you must:

  • Submit your expression of interest in SkillSelect;
  • Be nominated by a State or Territory government; and
  • Make at least a $5 million investment into complying investments

For more information about this visa and your eligibility please click here.

What are the new flexible options through eligible managed funds?

The new investment options include:

  • Annuities issued by an Australian registered life insurance company;
  • Derivatives used for portfolio management and non-speculative purposes;
  • Loans secured by mortgages over other permitted eligible investments; and
  • Bonds, equity and other corporate debt in companies and trusts.

If you would like more information about the significant investor visa or the new flexible options available, please contact a member of our migration team.

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