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migration act 1958

NOICC visa cancelled cancellation immigration lawyers registered migration agents australia Visa cancelled due to incorrect information given or provided to the Department of Home Affairs It is a requirement that a visa applicant must fill in or complete his or her application form in a manner that all questions are answered, and no incorre... Read more ministerial intervention visa decision application migration australia immigration lawyers qld Ministerial intervention – What are they? A Ministerial intervention in migration matters is often misunderstood. What is Ministerial intervention and how does it work? Ministerial intervention is... Read more Character test appeal visa refused visa cancelled visa registered migration agents immigration lawyers court administrative appeals tribunal aat mrt What is the Character test? – Australian Visas and Citizenship A person’s character is a significant issue when a person applies for an Australian visa or Australian citizenship. The Department of Immigration and ... Read more visa cancelled refused denied AAT MRT Migration Review Tribunal Visas decision appeal Migration agents immigration lawyers australia Visa Cancelled or Refused – What do I do? When your visa is cancelled or refused you often have limited time to decide how to move forward so it is important to get the right advice early. From ... Read more Character Requirement Section 501 Jail Detainment Section 501 Character Requirement Amendments Are you, or someone you know, the holder of an Australian visa that has spent 12 months or more in prison? On 11 December 2014 amendments to section 501 o... Read more NOICC Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation visa cancelled Have you received a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection? If so, our team of qualified migration lawyers and agents may be able to help with submissions to the Department in relation to the Notice of Intention to ... Read more Conditions study visa australian student visa registered migration agents brisbane sydney melbourne australia Conditions of a Visa and Cancellation Are you the current holder of an Australian visa? Did you know that your visa may have certain conditions attached to it, and that failure to comply with t... Read more fraudulent marriages Fake Marriage Visa Australia Immigration Lawyers Migration Agents Brisbane Sunshine Coast Sydney Melbourne Pair accused of organising fraudulent marriages A former migration agent has appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with arranging fraudulent marriages for the purpose of obtaining permanent ... Read more application refused Australian Visa Cancellation and Refusal of Visa Australia Have you had your visa application refused or visa cancelled? If you’re in Australia and you’ve had your visa application refused or your visa cancelled, you will face limits on what visas you can apply for while ... Read more illegal worker australian migration work job employment skilled workers qualified Have you unknowingly employed an illegal worker? What you need to know to avoid liability If you are employing foreign nationals, it is important you are aware of the possible consequences if the employee becomes illegal, or does not have approp... Read more