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visa cancellation

bridging visas australia changes migration agents sydney immigration lawyers brisbane queensland nsw Changes to conditions for discretionary bridging visas The Government has introduced changes to conditions for discretionary bridging visas from the 16 April 2021. The explanatory memorandum supporting Legisla... Read more adequate health insurance condition migration review australian immigration lawyers migration agents New health clarification for visas to ensure adequate health insurance 18 November 2017 sees the introduction of a new visa condition that will be attached to most temporary visas – Condition 8602. This Condition will requir... Read more Character Requirement Section 501 Jail Detainment Section 501 Character Requirement Amendments Are you, or someone you know, the holder of an Australian visa that has spent 12 months or more in prison? On 11 December 2014 amendments to section 501 o... Read more NOICC Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation visa cancelled Have you received a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection? If so, our team of qualified migration lawyers and agents may be able to help with submissions to the Department in relation to the Notice of Intention to ... Read more Conditions study visa australian student visa registered migration agents brisbane sydney melbourne australia Conditions of a Visa and Cancellation Are you the current holder of an Australian visa? Did you know that your visa may have certain conditions attached to it, and that failure to comply with t... Read more Registered Migration Agents Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Australia Immigration Lawyers Registered Migration Agents Working For You With DIBP By appointing FC Lawyers as your registered migration agents, you allow us to communicate with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your ... Read more Employer Sponsored Visas Australia Migration Lawyer Immigration Lawyers Migration Agents Brisbane Sunshine Coast Australia Employer Sponsored Visas – Can I leave before 2 years? A very common question asked about employer sponsored visas is: “What happens if I need/want to leave my employer before the 2 year period is up?” Emp... Read more Visa cancellation New Zealand Australian Visa Are you a Kiwi living in Australia? Are you facing a visa cancellation for your criminal record? As a Kiwi, you’re able to come to Australia, live and work for an indefinite period of time. However, you are still technically a ‘temporary resident... Read more Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal Refused Australian Visa Have you received a Notice of Intention to Consider Refusal of your visa application on character grounds? When you lodge a visa application, you will generally be providing information to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) about your character... Read more Cancelled sponsored Visa Application Migration Australia Immigration Law Ministerial Appeal AAT MRT Can my employer sponsored visa be cancelled or revoked? Here is the answer! If you are in Australia and are sponsored by an employer either temporarily or permanently, or you are considering applying for an employer sponsored visa,... Read more