No restrictions for international students on work hours in the hospitality and tourism industry

Great news for international students in Australia who are working in or want to work in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

The pressure on these sectors has reached breaking point with the borders closed whilst Australia’s economy continues to recover at unprecedented levels and low unemployment rates.

The Minster for Immigration, Citizenship, Migration Services and Multicultural Affairs Alex Hawke announced the initiative stating the “Government has listened carefully to the states, territories and industry and is introducing these changes to support critical sectors for Australia’s COVID-19 economic recovery,”.

International students have been badly affected by COVID-19 so the news will be well received and many of the 300,000 students in Australia will be able to work more than the limited 40 hour fortnights they were restricted to previously.

Statistics show up to 60 per cent of these student were unemployed and this announcement will bring certainty and stability to students working in this sector.

We act for many students who are looking to remain in Australia after their studies are completed and there are a range of options open to them including graduate visas to gain experience once they complete their studies.

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