The British are flocking to Australia!

According to an article written by Lisa Cornish in The Australian, Australia is about to experience the biggest intake of British migrants since the 1970’s. This decade will see approximately 400,000 UK migrants relocating to our country.
You may be asking, why Australia? Well according to Alistair Thomson, professor of International Studies at Monash University, it is our sunshine, beaches and job security that is attracting Pom’s to a more idyllic lifestyle. Australia came out of the Global Financial Crisis relatively unharmed and employment is said to be comparatively easier to find here rather than in the UK.

Despite the dramatic increase in UK migrants, Australia is still home to people from many other countries. Today China, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam and Korea are all our top ten, and the diversity of the 190,000 migrants settled in Australia last year can be seen in our states and territory.

  • China was the main source of migration in New South Wales and Victoria last year;
  • New Zealand topped the list in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory;
  • India was tops in South Australia and the ACT; and
  • Bhutan was the top source of migration in Tasmania.

If you would like to know more about migrating to Australia and your possible visa options, please contact a member of our migration team.

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