NEWS ALERT – Family Visa Subclasses

Family Visa Subclasses

This is an update regarding a previous post about the announcement from DIBP that certain family visa subclasses are ceasing.

Parent and Aged Parent (non contributory), Carer, Remaining Relative and Aged Relative visas cessation date 2 June 2014
Select Legislative Instrument No. 65, 2014 [F2014L00622] Migration Amendment (Repeal of Certain Visa Classes) Regulation 2014

Commences on Monday 2 June 2014 and repeals:

  • the Aged Dependent Relative visa classes and subclasses
  • the Remaining Relative visa classes and subclasses
  • the Carer visa classes and subclasses
  • the Parent and Aged Parent visa classes and subclasses

Persons are no longer able to apply for these visa classes from 2 June 2014.

Any applications, posted or couriered, will need to arrive at the Perth Parent Processing Centre  (PCC) by close of business TODAY.

Please note applications cannot be delivered personally to the PPC.

If you have any questions regarding Australian visas or would like to begin your visa application, please contact us today.

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