Occupations that may be taken off or put onto the skilled migration occupation lists

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business is considering removing the following occupations from the Skilled Migration Occupation Lists (Skills List) in March 2020:

  • Careers Counsellor
  • Vehicle Trimmer
  • Business Machine Mechanic
  • Animal Attendants and Trainers
  • Gardener (General)
  • Hairdresser
  • Wood Machinist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Community Worker
  • Diving Instructor (Open Water)
  • Gymnastics Coach or Instructor

At the same time the following occupations are being considered to be placed on the Skills List:

  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Aged or Disabled Carer
  • Nursing Support Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant

At the same time salary caveats of $65,000.00 are being considered for:

  • Poultry Farmer
  • Baker
  • Pastrycook
  • Horse Trainer
  • Fitter and Turner

A salary caveat of Sportsperson of $120,000.00 is also being considered.

For anyone considering applying for any of the above occupations or seeking to sponsor someone it is important to note that whilst this has not been set in stone it is being considered so you should seek urgent professional advice as soon as possible.

At FC Lawyers we have extensive experience in applying for visas in these occupations. Please contact our team of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers to discuss your visa application. 

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