Partner Visa Applications – Not As Simple As You Might Think!

While partner visas may seem like relatively straightforward applications, here at FC Lawyers we regularly receive phone calls and emails from applicants who have had issues getting approval. These refusals often don’t have anything to do with the legitimacy of the relationship but rather are often caused by simple misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the policies surrounding partner visas.

Migration can be a very confusing area of law and often refusals arise in avoidable circumstances. Getting professional advice and assistance from the beginning means your application will be well evidenced, accurate and have stronger prospects of success. This could save you unnecessary stress, money and time later down the track when a case officer is making their decision.

If you do receive a refusal and would like to lodge an application to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), seeking professional advice would definitely be beneficial to your case! Often these decisions are made in grey areas of the law and, with the right professional assistance, can be successfully argued and over-turned.

According to the performance report in the 2012-2013 MRT Annual Report, the MRT decided 1,426 partner refusal cases in 2012-13; 53% were decided in favour of the applicant.

Our migration team at Ferguson Cannon Lawyers has extensive experience with partner visa applications and can help you get it right the first time. If you would like to use our services to lodge an application or to apply to the Migration Review Tribunal, please contact us.

For more reasons why you should consider using a migration agent to prepare and lodge your application, see our blog.

For more information about partner visa migration options, click here.

If you have any questions regarding Partner or Spouse Australian visas or would like to begin your visa application, please contact our team of Registered Migration Agents and Immigration Lawyers today.

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