Registered Migration Agents Working For You With DIBP

By appointing FC Lawyers as your registered migration agents, you allow us to communicate with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on your behalf. As such, we will generally be the Department’s first point of contact in relation to your visa application.

The Department may get in contact with us to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your visa application;
  • Advise of any bridging visas granted in relation to your visa application;
  • Confirm the responses that were submitted (for online applications);
  • Discuss details of your visa application;
  • Make a formal request for additional information in relation to your application;
  • Advise of a Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation;
  • Invite to comment on information provided as part of the visa application; and
  • Notify of a decision to grant, refuse, or cancel your visa.

In preparing your visa applications, we can communicate with you in relation to the requirements for lodging a valid visa application and the documentation required, collect and prepare the documents, draft the required visa application forms, and lodge the application with the Department on your behalf.

As registered migration agents, we must not make statements in support of an application or encourage the making of statements, which we know or believe to be misleading or inaccurate, in accordance with the Migration Act 1958. Our team at FC Lawyers always strives to provide the Department with honest, accurate and timely information at all times. Once appointed as your migration agent, all written correspondence in relation to your application will be sent to us and can then be communicated to you, the client, in a timely and efficient manner.

If you would like to book a consultation with our Registered Migration Agents and our Immigration Lawyers, please contact us.

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