Work and Holiday Visa Update

Are you looking at a Work and Holiday Visa?

Do you hold an Israeli passport and would like to visit Australia? You’re in luck! Australia recently signed a new Work and Holiday Memorandum of Understanding with Israel that will allow 500 young adults to holiday in Australia and undertake short term work and study. It is a temporary visa that will encourage cultural exchange and closer ties between Australia and Israel.

What does this mean for Australian’s looking at Work and Holiday Visas in Israel?

This agreement will also afford the same rights to Australian’s looking to visit and work in Israel.
In the coming months, Australia and Israel will work together to implement the necessary legal and administrative processes to bring this visa into effect.

Israel is Australia’s newest Work and Holiday partner country, following recent signings with Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Keep an eye on this page for updates regarding the commencement date for these new countries!

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