Changes to DIBP Responsibilities

With the swearing in of the new ministry, there are machinery of government changes that affect the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and their responsibilities.

DIBP will be responsible for:

  • Management of migration, humanitarian and citizenship programmes;
  • Entry, stay and departure arrangements for non-citizens;
  • Border immigration control; and
  • Ethnic affairs and customs and border control (other than quarantine and inspection).

DIBP will also be assisting to Operation Sovereign Borders to eliminate people smuggling and to protect Australia’s borders.

Settlement and Multicultural Affairs

Settlement and Multicultural Affairs will be transferred to the Department of Social Services. This includes the following programmes:

  • Humanitarian Settlement Services
  • Settlement Grants Programme
  • Complex Case Support
  • Diversity and Social Cohesion Programme
  • Multicultural Arts and Festivals Grants
  • Building Multicultural Communities Programme

Adult Migration English Programme

The Department of Industry will take control of the administration of the Adult Migration English Programme.
These changes are being put into place but may not be finalised for a number of months.

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