Have you had your visa application refused or visa cancelled?

If you’re in Australia and you’ve had your visa application refused or your visa cancelled, you will face limits on what visas you can apply for while you are still in Australia.

Section 48 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth) and the Migration Regulations restrict non-citizens who have had their visa application refused or visa cancelled from applying for a large number of applications onshore. Some of the visas you can still apply for are:

  • Bridging visas;
  • Partner visas (temporary and permanent – excluding Prospective Marriage visas);
  • Child (residence) visas; and
  • Protection visas

If you are hoping to apply for a type of visa that isn’t prescribed, you will have to lodge the application while you are outside Australia. You will have to disclose your visa application refusal or cancellation in your next visa application.
Depending on the reasons for the visa refusal or cancellation, you may also face a three year ban from lodging temporary visas (for example, if your application was refused for providing fraudulent documents to DIBP).

If you have had a visa application refused or your visa cancelled and you would like advice on lodging another application, please contact our Migration Team. Our team of Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents have looked after thousands of clients that have had their visa application refused or cancelled. We can assist you to ensure your peace of mind when dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with any visa application issues.

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