You will now have to pay a fee to obtain a visa label!

As we have previously discussed in our blogs ‘Do you need a visa label to travel to Australia?’ and ‘Do I require a visa label?‘ the Australian Government does not require a person holding a valid Australian visa to have a label in their passport to travel to, enter and remain in Australia. An electronic system is now in place which is being used by Australian bound international commercial airlines and cruise ships. This has eliminated the need for many Australian visa holders to have a visa label.

As part of the transition to a visa label free system on 24 November 2012 DIAC introduced a fee for people who apply for a visa label. If you wish to have a visa label inserted you will need to take your passport to your nearest DIAC office and pay an AUD70 fee.

For more information please visit the following DIAC website.

If you have any Australia visa questions or wish to begin your visa application, please contact us today.

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