How can I add a secondary applicant to my 457 Temporary Business (Long Stay) (subclass 457) visa?

Secondary visa applicants are members of the main visa applicant’s family unit. Eligible members of a family unit include the primary applicant’s spouse or de facto partner, a dependant 18 years of age or over, a dependant under the age of 18 or a dependent relative.

It is important that you can provide evidence to the Department proving that the secondary applicant is a member of your family unit.

  • Married? You will need to provide your marriage certificate, and evidence that your relationship is genuine and continuing.
  • De facto? You will need to provide evidence demonstrating that you have been in a genuine and continuing relationship.
  • Children? If your child are 18 years or over, you will have to show that they are wholly or substantially reliant on the primary visa applicant for financial support to meet their basic food, clothing and shelter needs or because they are incapacitated for work. If your child is under 18 years of age, you will need to prove that you have custody rights over your child, for example, that you are their parent or guardian or their parent or guardian is included on the application.
  • Dependent relative? You will need to provide evidence that the dependent relative does not have a spouse or de facto partner, usually reside in the family head’s household and are dependent on the family head.

How can secondary applicants be included in a 457 visa application?

There are two ways that secondary applicants can be attached to a 457 visa application. They can either be included on your application or, if you already hold a 457 visa, through a separate visa application.

  1. On your application
    You may include on your application secondary visa applicants. Secondary applicants must meet the secondary criteria. Including secondary applicants on the original 457 visa application will be an option for people who have dependants at the time they are applying for their visa. This will not be an option for people who want to include secondary applicants after their visa has been granted.
  2. After you have been granted a 457 visa
    A separate visa application will be necessary if you already hold a 457 visa and have not included the person as a secondary applicant. They will still be assessed against the secondary requirements as a secondary visa applicant. This process will be appropriate for applicants who did not initially include their family on their initial 457 visa application. It will also be appropriate for someone currently on a 457 visa who has since entered into a de facto relationship or married someone who is not an Australian citizen or does not have residence in Australia.

What are the secondary criteria which secondary applicants must meet?

  • No adverse information known to the Department;
  • A holder of adequate health insurance;
  • Health requirements; and
  • Character requirements.

If you have any questions about secondary applicants and 457 visas or would like to include a secondary applicant in your 457 visa application please contact our Migration Team.

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