Do you need a visa label to travel to Australia?

As outlined in our previous blog ‘Do I require a visa label?’, people do not require a visa label to, travel to, enter and remain in Australia. This is part of Australia’s global program of making travel to Australia visa label free. In Australia, there is an electronic database that airline or cruise ship staff are able to check, using your passport, to see whether you are allowed to re-enter Australia.

There are many benefits of having a label free visa system. The electronic system contains more detailed information than a label can and it reduces visa processing times and costs as applicants will no longer have to wait for their passport to be returned to them via a courier or be required to travel to a Visa Application Centre to collect their passport. The online system is also less susceptible to falsification and is more easily kept up-to-date.

You can check your visa status and entitlements online through VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online). This system is a secure and free service that allows you to check your visa details online. It provides more information about your visa conditions and entitlements than a physical visa label does. Click here for more information about VEVO.

It is recommended that people carry their visa grant letter with them when they travel overseas. Although this is not compulsory, it will provide them with easy to understand information about the conditions attached to their visas. This information is not always easy to find while travelling or on visa labels.

Please be aware that governments from other countries may require that you have a visa label if they do not have access to the online database. It is important that you check with the relevant government authorities to confirm their individual requirements before you travel.

If you still want or require a visa label, you can obtain one from a Visa Application Centre, however, please be aware that people may soon be required to pay a charge to get a label on their visa.

If you have any questions regarding visa label’s, please don’t hesitate to contact the Migration Team.

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